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From : 30th November 2015

To : 2nd December 2015

Posted : 27th November 2015


A96 Nairn

Overnight works start Monday 30 November for two nights


Overnight investigation and maintenance works will be carried out on the A96 through Nairn to help plan for future road maintenance schemes and to carry out essential repairs to the road surface.  

The work will take place over two nights and will be split into two phases.  The first phase will involve investigation works planned to take place between Grants Garage and the road bridge over the River Nairn on Monday 30 November for one night, starting at 7.30pm until 6.30am the following morning. 

Phase two will see essential maintenance improvements carried out between Tradespark and the Nairn Showfield overnight on Tuesday 1 December, starting at 7.30pm until 2.00am the following morning.

Due to the nature of the schemes, there will be an element of loud working which need to finish by a certain time to minimise noise disruption, as required by The Highland Council. Therefore, whilst undertaking night-time works to have less effect on the community and businesses using the A96, work needs to start at 7.30pm each night to ensure that the loud operations are finished by the set timescales

For safety of the workforce as well as motorists, the works will be carried out using temporary traffic signals during working hours only.  To reduce any further disruption to traffic, the regular fixed traffic lights within the area of the works will be switched off for the duration when the temporary signals are in operation.  

Commenting on the investigation works, Andy Thompson, BEAR Scotland’s North East Unit Representative said: “We’re doing everything possible to make sure these works have minimal impact on motorists by scheduling them overnight, and reduce disruption to local residents by scheduling the loudest of works to start first.

“These investigation works will help give us a clear insight into what work is required along the A96 to help us programme our road schemes in the future.  

“We’re also carrying out essential maintenance works on this section of the A96 to help address any defects in the road surface.

“We would, however, encourage motorists to plan their journeys in advance where possible.”

Real-time journey planning information can be obtained by visiting

The works are being carried out by CMT on behalf of BEAR Scotland.

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