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From : 5th March 2017

To : 24th March 2017

Posted : 28th February 2017

£405,000 A83 IMPROVEMENTS 

Footway works on A83 Furnace to Whitebridge 


Resurfacing works on A83 North of Rosehill Junction to Glenbarr Junction

Works start Sunday 5th March 

Motorists and pedestrians using the A83 are set to benefit from £405,000 improvement works as resurfacing works get underway from North of Rosehill Junction to Glenbarr Junction, and footway works from Furnace to Whitebridge.

Starting on Sunday 5th March, resurfacing works on a 1.3km section of the A83 will get underway.

The works are likely to take up to two weeks to complete with the site activities being carried out between 7pm and 7am Sunday night to Friday morning. In addition to the improvement works, a hardstanding area for a bus stop will be installed opposite Glenbarr cottages within the northbound verge to provide pedestrians with a safe place to wait for approaching buses. It is intended that these short term works will be carried out following the resurfacing works, and are likely to take up to a week to construct, with the site activities carried out Monday to Friday from 9am and 5pm.

Due to the restricted width of the carriageway on this section of the A83, a road closure will be in operation with hourly amnesty periods in place to allow queuing traffic through the works safely. This is to ensure the safety of road users and road workers. Outwith working hours, traffic management will be removed although a temporary 30mph speed restriction will be in place as traffic will be running on a temporary road surface.

On Monday 6th March, the A83 footway improvements will get underway. Taking up to three weeks to complete, works to upgrade the 1.8km section of the route will be carried out between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Temporary traffic lights with a 30mph speed restriction will be in operation while works are undertaken to ensure the safety of motorists, pedestrians and road workers. In addition, temporary pedestrian barriers will be erected for the duration of the works to allow safe access through the site. 

Eddie Ross, Operating Company Representative for the North West Unit, said: “These essential improvement works will improve the safety of pedestrians, as well as ensure the road surface continues to run smoothly for years to come.

“Some short delays are inevitable and we would therefore encourage motorists to plan their journey ahead, where possible.” 

Real-time journey planning information can be obtained by visiting

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