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From : 5th June 2017

To : 30th June 2017

Posted : 13th June 2017

Rest and Be Thankful landslip mitigation works move up a gear

Teams preparing A83 site for future mitigation project

The next phase of landslip mitigation measures on the A83 through the Rest and Be Thankful is now underway with construction teams preparing the site for the £1.84M project.

The current works involve creating safe areas and access for the teams to carry out the mitigation works.

The main landslide mitigation works will involve the excavation of three debris flow catch-pits at the bottom of the slope next to the A83. This first phase of catch-pit installations is designed to stop debris from a landslide on the channels above each pit location reaching the road,  helping keep the A83 open if there is a landslide.

Each of the catch-pits has been designed to provide additional mitigation measures to the existing debris fences already in place on the slopes at the Rest and be Thankful, by providing storage capacity for 12,000 tonnes of material and debris from potential landslips.  The catch-pits are located in strategic areas along the bottom of the hillside where the latest modelling techniques have suggested the greatest need for additional protection measures.

The debris flow catch-pits designs and plans were endorsed at the A83 Taskforces held earlier this year.

To keep roadworkers and motorists safe during these preliminary works, temporary traffic lights will be in place on the A83.  The lights are in place each day from 7am to 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays, with no lights in place outside of working hours.  Teams began works last week and are expected to take up to a further three weeks to complete.

Commenting on the works, Eddie Ross, BEAR Scotland’s North West Representative said: “We’re pleased to begin the preliminary works to prepare the site ahead of the future debris flow catch-pits that will be constructed later this year.

“The installation of the next stages of the mitigation measures, together with the fences and debris flow catch-pit already in place at the Rest and be Thankful, will provide more protection resilience against any future landslips blocking this key route. Having our teams go in now to create a safe working area and access points on the slope means the construction of the debris flow catch-pits can be safely started as soon as the designs are finalised.   

“The temporary traffic lights are necessary to keep our teams safe during this phase, however we’ve taken steps to minimise any disruption by removing traffic lights outside of working hours 

“We’ll endeavour to keep all stakeholders updated as the works progress, and thank the local community and road users for their patience while we complete these preliminary works.

“We encourage road users to plan their journeys in advance by checking the Traffic Scotland website for up to date travel information.” 

Real time journey information is available from Traffic Scotland on or twitter @trafficscotland.

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