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From : 4th June 2018

To : 22nd June 2018

Posted : 4th June 2018

Routine bridge investigations set to take place beneath A9 Kessock Bridge from Stadium Road, Inverness 

Works start Monday 4 June for three weeks

Routine bridge investigations are set to happen beneath the A9 Kessock Bridge in Inverness due to begin next week. 

The inspections will happen from an elevated platform underneath the bridge deck, with the machinery sitting on Stadium Road underneath Kessock Bridge at the southern end of the structure.  

The investigations will allow teams to inspect the steelwork underneath the bridge, as well as to allow engineers to trial a protective painting system against corrosion on a small area of the steelwork beneath the bridge.  The results of the investigations and the trial painting system will allow engineers to plan for any maintenance work in the year ahead.  

To keep road workers safe during the investigations, the westbound lane of Stadium Road will be closed at intermittent periods under temporary traffic light control.  Teams will work to use this temporary set-up only during off-peak times and when deliveries and critical scaffolding work is required.  Some weekend working will be required during the three week period.  The A9 will remain unaffected by these works.  

Commenting on the investigations, Eddie Ross, BEAR Scotland’s North West Representative said: “These investigations give us a valuable insight into the current condition of the bridge’s steelwork below the deck and allow us to look ahead to future maintenance on the deck.  

“We’ve taken steps to keep disruption to a minimum by working from Stadium Road and avoiding impacting the A9, with teams removing the traffic management during peak periods.

“Our teams will so all they can to complete the investigations as quickly and safely as possible.”

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