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From : 18th July 2018

To : 28th September 2018

Posted : 17th July 2018

Rock from ongoing A83 Rest and Be Thankful landslip mitigation project to be reused in new innovative project

Over 18,000 tonnes of material to be recycled in sustainable landslip mitigation work at Glen Kinglas

A new innovative method to help mitigate against potential landslips is being rolled out in Glen Kinglas near the Rest and Be Thankful.  

The ongoing £1.84M catch-pit works at the Rest and Be Thankful involve digging and constructing three large ‘pits’ at the bottom of the slope that are designed to collect materials and run-off from a potential slip.  The project has produced around 18,000 tonnes of usable rock, which has been stored temporarily, and designs have now been completed to reuse this material as additional protection for the A83.

The material will be used in the construction of landslip mitigation bunds above streams along Glen Kinglas, some three to four miles from the Rest and Be Thankful.  These bunds will form a constructed embankment of material initially across six individual water channels next to the roadside that geotechnical engineers have assessed to have the potential to deposit debris onto the trunk road should a landslip occur.   The bunds will reduce the risk of debris reaching the roadside.  

The bunds will be up to 10m high in some sections and have the combined capacity to contain over 1,000 tonnes of debris should a land-slip occur.

Teams from BEAR Scotland have been working closely with the landowner and specialist sub-contractor to develop this sustainable approach to protecting the A83 for the long-term benefit of users of this important route.  

This sustainable method allows BEAR Scotland to maximise the benefit of the material being excavated from the Rest and Be Thankful while minimising the overall cost of these works to the public purse via these projects which are being funded by Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government. 

As the works are focussed initially within six watercourse channels there will be short lengths of traffic management for approximately two to four weeks in each location. The A83 will remain open but it will be necessary for temporary traffic signals to be in place for the safety of road workers and road users.  The project will move in phases along this stretch of the A83 as the works progress.

Commenting on the works, Eddie Ross, BEAR Scotland’s North West Representative said: “Following detailed discussions with the landowner we are pleased to now start construction of this innovative new project to help mitigate against potential landslips in the future.

“The catch-pit project has so far produced around 18,000 tonnes of material which we’ve been storing safely, and now our teams have designed an innovative and sustainable reuse for the rock that will provide further protection for the A83 trunk road.

“The installation of the bunds at Glen Kinglas together with the fences and debris flow catch-pits at the Rest and Be Thankful will provide more resilience against any future landslips blocking this key route.   

“The temporary traffic lights are necessary to keep our teams and as well as users of the route safe during the works, and teams will do all they can to complete the project as quickly and safely as possible.

“We’ll endeavour to keep all stakeholders updated as the works progress and thank the local community and road users for their patience while we complete these important works.

“We encourage road users to plan their journeys in advance by checking the Traffic Scotland website for up to date travel information.”

Real time journey information is available from Traffic Scotland on, on twitter @trafficscotland or the new mobile site  

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