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From : 5th August 2019

To : 16th August 2019

Posted : 10th July 2019


Essential £450,000 project announced for M90 Earn Bridge, Bridge of Earn

·         Project to take up to four weeks to complete with work split into two phases

·         Phase one begins Monday 5 August

·         Second phase to begin at the end of September to avoid busy local events


An essential bridge maintenance project is due to take place on the M90 Earn Bridge near Perth next month which will see over £450,000 in repairs and improvements carried out.

The project will involve the replacement of expansion joints on the structure, which carries the M90 at Bridge of Earn, and will see over 140m of resurfacing improvements on both the northbound and southbound carriageways of the bridge. The existing joints on the M90 Earn Bridge are now in need of replacement to ensure the bridge continues to operate safely for years to come.

The expansion joints are essential components on bridges such as Earn Bridge and allow the structure to operate safety, with some sections of the bridge moving by up to 10cm during changes in temperature between the summer and winter months.

During the project the M90 will remain open, however to keep roadworkers and motorists safe during the upgrades and to complete the work in the shortest possible timescale, a contraflow traffic management arrangement will be operation during the bridge repairs. This traffic management will be in place full time for two weeks of work on each carriageway

Phase One will begin on the southbound carriageway with single lane traffic in each direction travelling on the northbound carriageway.

Phase Two will repeat the process, with works on the northbound carriageway and traffic being switched to the southbound carriageway.

The first phase of the project is expected to begin on Monday 5 August and traffic management will remain in place until Friday 16 August when it will be removed ensuring there are no restrictions to road users during the Solheim Cup in Gleneagles and other major local events. The second phase of the project is expected to begin on Monday 30 September and traffic management will remain in place until Friday 11 October.

Road users are warned to expect delays while the work is underway and are encouraged to plan ahead. Traffic modelling software has indicated that the project will increase the average journey time through the works by around 15 minutes at peak times during the day. However, as we approach the busy summer periods, these times may be extended depending on traffic flows in the area.

Consultation has been carried out with Transport Scotland, Perth & Kinross Council, Community Councils and transport operators to inform them of the plans for the project in advance.

Commenting on the works, Andy Thompson, BEAR Scotland’s North East Representative said: “This £450,000 bridge improvement project will allow our teams to carry out the replacement of expansion joints on the M90 Earn Bridge, ensuring the bridge continues to operate safely.

“We’ve designed the project across two phases to ensure that there is minimal impact to road users attending the Solheim Cup at Gleneagles or other major events in the area, with the project arranged so all traffic management will be removed from the road mid-August to the end of September. 

“The traffic management is essential for ensuring the safety of our work force as well as motorists, and our teams will do all they can to carry out the work as quickly and safely as possible. We advise road users to abide by all traffic or speed restrictions put in place during the work for their safety, and to use both lanes when queuing to help reduce congestion.

“We thank road users for their patience during these essential works and encourage them to plan their journeys in advance by checking the Traffic Scotland website before they travel and allowing some extra time to reach their destination.”

Real time traffic information is available from Traffic Scotland on, on twitter @trafficscotland or on the new mobile website 



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