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From : 27th November 2019

To : 27th March 2020

Posted : 21st November 2019

Monday 3 February 


Please be advised that traffic management arrangements for the ongoing project on the A828 Connel Bridge, outlined in the release below, are to change as the works progress to the north end of the bridge.

The project involves teams installing a temporary access platform to the underside of the bridge for inspection and maintenance purposes.

Since the project began in November last year, teams have made good progress with approximately 370m2 of the platform being installed from the south abutment to the main legs of the bridge.

Temporary traffic lights have been in place on the A85 underneath the bridge using a lane closure with intermittent short ‘red-red’ closures, ensuring the safe delivery of platform components. These temporary traffic lights underneath the bridge will now be removed from the A85.

However, for safety during the next phase of the works, six ten minute “red-red” closures will be required on the A828 Connel Bridge on two days per week to allow the safe delivery of the platform components to the work area. To facilitate these “red-red” closures a set of temporary traffic signals will replace the permanent traffic signals during this next phase.   

The short closures will be scheduled to avoid peak times to minimise disruption. The works are programmed to be completed by the end of March.

Real time journey information is available from Traffic Scotland on, twitter at @trafficscotland or the new mobile site




New access platform to be installed under A828 Connel Bridge


Works start Wednesday 27 November


A temporary access platform will be installed to the underside of A828 Connel Bridge, five miles north east of Oban, starting next week. 

The platform will allow BEAR Scotland engineers to safely carry out essential inspections and maintenance works on behalf of Transport Scotland.  The platform, which will hang beneath the bridge deck, will stretch the full length of the bridge and will allow engineers to survey and closely inspect the bridge for detailed design and planning of future maintenance projects.  Essential maintenance works will also be completed whilst the access platform is in place.

The installation is set to begin on Wednesday 27 November and will take up to three months to complete. 

For the safety of the public and the workforce, the eastbound lane of the A85, underneath the bridge, will be closed intermittently under traffic light control. It is anticipated that traffic lights will be used for three days a week as required. From here, platform components will be unloaded and will begin to be installed from the south end of the bridge, moving north. The traffic lights will remain in operation as required until the project is complete.

BEAR Scotland’s North West Representative, Eddie Ross said: “The installation of this platform will allow engineers safe access to plan for future maintenance works and also carry out essential surveys and repairs to this iconic bridge in Connel.

“Our teams will do all they can to minimise disruption as much as possible during this project, and we’ll look to complete the installation as quickly and safely as we can. 

“We encourage road users to plan ahead by checking the Traffic Scotland website for up to date journey information.”

Real-time journey planning information can be obtained by visiting or twitter at @trafficscotland or the new mobile site   


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