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From : 16th January 2020

To : 26th January 2020

Posted : 16th January 2020



Temporary traffic lights have been installed on A82 south of Fort William at the Croit Anna Hotel following damage to the sea embankment.

A stretch of the embankment around 500m long contains multiple sections which have been washed-out or damaged following high sea levels and coastal flooding experienced earlier this week as a result of Storm Brendan.  The temporary traffic lights have been installed as a precaution to help direct motorists away from the edge of the carriageway until a temporary road barrier can be installed next to the road, expected to take place next week.

Further inspections are being carried out to assess the full extent of the damage to the stretch of embankment, and once complete repairs for the damaged areas will be designed with work expected to take place later this year.   

Storm Brendan brought high winds and coastal flooding earlier this week to sections of the west coast of Scotland and BEAR teams have been assessing sections of the network for any damage.

Eddie Ross, BEAR Scotland’s North West Representative said: “The traffic lights have been installed to help keep people safe until we can install a temporary road barrier along the top of the embankment south of Fort William.

“We’re carrying out further geotechnical assessments to determine the full extent of the damage to the embankment, and once these are complete we’ll begin work to design a full repair to address any areas as required.

“We’ve been assessing sections of the north west trunk road network following Storm Brendan earlier this week as a precaution to check for any damage to routes and arranging for any minor repairs to take place to help ensure the trunk road remains fully operational.

“Trunk road safety remains our top priority and these temporary lights at the A82 will help ensure road users are kept safe until a repair is completed.”

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